Turning Conceptual Worlds into Tangible Realities.

photo by Sean Parker

photo by Sean Parker


Austin Hillebrecht

The year is 1992 (probably) and my life is changed when my parents show me Indiana Jones for the first time. I knew from that moment on I wanted to be a whip-cracking, adventure seeking, temple exploring archaeologist. What's that? Archaeologists don't punch Nazis in the face and run away from giant boulders? Very well. I'll settle for the next best thing: an actor.

Since then my interests have grown into all different mediums of story telling. Acting, directing, writing, art, animation, sculpting, music... it's all a means to help me visualize and inhabit other worlds. Worlds I want to share with others.

When I'm not working on my own films and stories I've found myself fortunate enough to work on some really cool projects for some pretty big clients including Disney, Coca Cola, Hallmark, Rice-Krispies, WWE, NBC, Lionsgate and many more. 

I'm constantly trying to push myself as an artist and develop stories everyone can enjoy. I very much look forward to where my work will take me. Stay tuned to this site for all of my latest creative endeavors!





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